5 Essential Tips for Buying Kid’s School Shoes


Morning time is often school time. Crisp uniforms, heftier bags, well combed hair and polished shoes complete the young one’s outlook. Once through the school gate, kids rush to greet their friends and the daily grind of shoes start. Climbing stairs, jumping down from stairs, rushing to get past their pals to enter first in the class and all this is torture for the shoes.

#1       A Slip in mind now may cost later!

Kids follow elders’ footsteps. To them even their school is like elders’ office where they can’t complain about any discomfort in shoes, but need to put their heads down and continue with their tasks. Once back home, they can only wait till their father comes back and narrate any shoe complaints. But sometimes it is just too impossible to visit the shoe store for redressing any complaint.

It is better that while purchasing any shoe, the elder cross checks the suitability of the shoe by asking the kid to walk, run inside the shop and take a few short jumps. Depending on the feedback the appropriate shoe can be purchased.

A few minutes extra spent here will go a long way to ensure your kid’s feet are safe from all the physical activities he is supposed to participate in.

#2       Good Counseling Now Saves from Future Troubles

Strapped Vs Laced Shoes

Kids shoes are marketed in two varieties: Laced & Strapped (Velcro Bands). There is no defined condition underlining which shoes should be worn where. It all depends on your child’s feet. Ask him to duplicate some of his daily activities and find out which one of the two shoe designs perform better?

The shoe which clings nicely, which does not slip and continues to protect in all conditions should be given preference, even if it costs a little more.

Some small amount of time spent now, and a little more money, will come good in the future when you child grows without any bone deformations.

#3       Accurate Size is the Worst Size

Remember kids are always growing, even by the day. By the time you purchase the shoe and the kid starts them wearing a few days might have passed and the feet may have grown wider, even by a millimeter.

Always keep some free moving space from all sides, even if by a few millimeters. Because then you can tighten either the laces or straps now and loosen when needed. But an accurate sized shoe cannot provide such luxuries of loosening up a bit.

Corns, blisters, rashes, redness, itching and a zillion other symptoms may crop up, disrupting kids’ normal walking and running. Once any one of these happens, the kid may resent wearing the same shoe again. It is always better to make an informed decision.

Kids seldom know what’s important for them. It is for the elders to make them understand the nitty gritties of choosing the right pair.

#4       The Right Way to Verify Shoe Size

Many times parents casually enter a shoe shop and look for kid’s shoes. Little they know that the best way for right shoe purchase is when the kid is wearing socks. Schools never allow kids without socks and it becomes a necessary part of the footwear.

It is much better to carry the old shoe which the kid was comfortable with. Now comparison will be much easier and in case of any difficulty, even the shopkeeper can have a look and suggest something worthwhile.

#5       Take your Kid into Confidence and get Feedback

Parents should get into their kids shoes and extract insider information. Whether twisting fingers, bending toes causes any discomfort? Because schools run for around 6 hours and it is a long duration. Mostly students sit idle for long and it may tire their feet.

Aching feet distract kids away from studies and in the long run it may affect their scholastic performance. Some soft questioning may allow the kid to open up and divulge any discomforts.


Shoes are an important part of kids’ lives. Helping them select proper shoes will go a long way towards best schooling experience. Later, they may thank you for all the love & care. Isn’t it worth?