Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Footwear to Summer Season


The winter season is approaching to its fag end and after some lull the summer is bound to show its teeth, much sooner than later. It is best to sketch your aims and list out the preferred shoes you will wear this summer. In India, summer season is the one that extends to many months and you need many shoes in your collection so that neither you are bored nor outclassed by others.

Put your Best Feet Forward
As summer arrives the first thing that strikes everyone’s mind is to transition your shoes rack with latest summer trends. But not everyone has the evolved mind and sometimes people get too perplexed on choosing latest designs meeting your requirement and style. If you are one of the, who is often caught up in such a situation, this blog will reveal some effective ways to elevate or upgrade to summer season.

Read Expert Advice and Browse Online Stores
Visiting local stores to spot the latest design is considered old fashion. It is better to read what the expert’s opinions are and with those in mind it is better to browse online stores and finalize your designs. Purchasing can be done online or else you can simply go to the local store and lay hands on your chosen designs.

Avoiding your Top Footwear Blunders
Not all trendy designs are apt for your feet. While choosing your shoes please keep these finer points in mind. In fashion-master’s lingo, these are called blunders.

  1. Avoid tights with an open toe and if you insist, ensure this portion is really small and not so clearly visible. This gaffe is not noticeable if your bottoms and shoe colours match. The problem is once you get away with it, you will wear again and may be this time the colours don’t match.
  2. Socks are not really needed in summers. Anyway, they are not supposed to be seen so make sure they are not fully visible.
  3. If you’re a really small or petite person, always avoid clumpy boots. These will make you look ‘all-feet’.
  4. If choosing sports shoes ensure the breather upper is not white as in a few uses it loses charm and never matches your outfit.

Trending designs for Summer Season
Sandals have grown into a smart statement this season because during a hot summer nothing truly beats up their comfort. Immaterial if the sole is thick or not, the comfort value just cannot be missed.

Look for a pair of sandals that is stylish and functional in equal measures. Go with wide-cut foot straps for a secure, non-slip fit, choose lightly padded insoles for comfortable footing, and pick out understated colours and designs, that still retain their strength and smooth feel.

Go safe and you won’t go wrong with leather in either black, brown or navy tones as they are sure to work with just about any colour palette and style building your total wardrobe. If you love colours, you can always opt for a contrasting rubber soles, but other than that your sandals should be kept fuss-free, clean, unembellished.

When it comes to design you can easily choose in between two or three straps that can be crossover, weaved or bearing a strong, gladiator feel. If you had two straps the previous year, go either for a broad single or three thinner straps. Choose something which is not associated with your identity, at least in your friend circles.

Breezy and Breathable Slip-ons
If living in blazing hot climes like North India, you could still catch a few eyeballs by choosing breathable slip-ons. You can try beige or off white coloured soles but not the stark white ones. Even some cool shaded soles also do the trick.

Next in line to conquer that ultimate cool feel during a hot, hot summer day are the breezy espadrilles, the light canvas shoes with braided soles that you can count on being comfortable and effortlessly stylish at the same time. If espadrilles are not available search online for something matching and you would be the first to set your foot on.

You can also try out the supple leather shoes, perforated for both texture and ventilation, perfected with a pull tab for easy wear. Sometimes they come with back loop to keep your ankle from slipping out.

Summer season does have an off day or two and making use of this weather season will keep your fashion quotient high. Choose an orange or navy blue lined beige sole for just these days. Those accustomed with cool designs will be surprised no doubt and hate you for your judicious choice.

Shoes for Driving and Strolling
The driving shoes always provide perfect traction whether you’re behind the wheel or strolling through the city. Seeing how they make for that perfect compromise between smart and casual, you can surely dress them up with summer suits, or with sporty jackets and slim trousers.

Summers are grueling in almost all over India. Attentive individuals always keep a tab on what’s new and pounce upon them before it is too late. Stock enough variety in your shoe rack with everything you feel is comfortable in. Style is an individual thing and if you are at ease with, it always shows on your overall appearance.

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