How to Choose the Right Shoes


Get a pair of shoes for every occasion

Some may argue that this is too farfetched, but believe us it is not. It would be better if you understand that quality footwear that fits well is a worthwhile investment. The right shoes for the right occasion can and will substantially elevate your personal style and comfort.

When personal style is elevated, the person looks more confident and the people nearby get impressed more easily. This is one trait many miss and hence it will be better to focus on this and stand out of the crowd.

Whatever the occasion you always will be the one with Best Footwear!

Understand Your Footwear Before Purchasing

One cannot take care of everything thrown towards them. You need not be an expert at handling all materials but should know what the materials are. Inspect the uppers, the inners, soles etc.

Put your fingers inside and feel whether the lining has been chemically treated and appear smooth? Most probably not and you need to allow the insides to dry frequently increasing their life. Poking your fingers inside will help you get a good idea of what the footwear quality is and what care it might need.

For example, you should think twice before purchasing a leather upper for which you may not get the needed polish. Neutral polish can only protect not add the missing colour.

Shoes for Rainy Season

Leather shoes are not made for misty and rainy seasons. Once soaked, these leather shoes may take days to dry completely and lose their shine. The better option would be to look for good quality plastic shoes that resemble your leather shoes.

Plastic shoes not only repel water, they also retain their shine and just need a simple wipe off. But again, they are not meant to be worn on hot and dry days.

Picking a shoe with rubber soles can last for long and give ample support for your toes.

Shoes for Winter Season

Leather shoes no doubt provide slight warmth but many a time we wear woolen socks for that extra comfort. Owing to their thickness woolen socks can easily put your shoe out of shape. Wise men will always choose a shoe which is slightly slack, allowing the thick socks to fit in.

Shoes for Summers

Normally executives wear laced shoes when working. If you tend to sweat more, choosing a slip-on can do the trick allowing you to remove your feet for a while before wearing again. Again, choose the one which is slightly loose so that your feet can move in and out easily.

A Tip for Extreme Summers

If your office decorum allows, choose a woven styled Sandal which looks like a shoe. These sandals have small slits allowing for some ventilation. Recently some designs have appeared which look like normal shoes but have small holes that do the job.

Proper selection of shoes is essential. We cannot control the weather but can certainly avoid wearing noisy shoes that squeak because of moisture or water seeping in. Also, understanding your shoes will ensure your money goes a long way and ensure you maintain your style easily.